CHAMPIONSHIP: Storm go down to Waves in close encounter

Hawks Netball, Thu May 14, 2015 11:31PM

By Zac Lisle

Monash University Storm Championship coach Matthew Hills has said that Monash’s ball use let them down in their three goal loss to the Peninsula Waves at the State Netball and Hockey Centre on Wednesday night.


The Storm drew level with the Waves in the third quarter, but were unable to sustain the momentum despite strong shooting performances from Janelle Lawson and Tayla Shannon.


Lawson finished with 30 goals from 35 attempts, whilst Shannon had 19 from 25.


Hills said his team “had their opportunities” against solid opposition.


“They’re a well constructed and attacking team,” he said.


“They move the ball very well and I think the key, again, was, similar to a couple of games we’ve been close in recently where we’ve been super competitive, our ball use when we have the ball in hand.”


Hills also said that his team needed to work on creating more opportunities for his sharp shooting attackers.


“We’ve only missed one shot for the whole of the second half,” Hills said.


“We’ve shot 24 from 25 but we’ve only had 25 shots in 30 minutes, and that’s because we gave the ball up, and our vision and decisions is something we’re going to have to continue to work on as a group.”


“You can’t just turn and throw the ball to the first person you see if they’re standing still,” he said.


“You’ll give young Monique Tarrant a bit of leeway with that, because she’s only a kid and she did a good job, but that’s probably the key. If you give them more opportunity in possession, they’re going to score more goals.”


Alicia Janz continued her strong form in wing defence, whilst Lil O’Sullivan, Monique Tarrant and Helen Barclay all played their roles.


“Defensively I thought we were solid as a group, I thought Alicia Janz was very good in wing defence, although she gets whistled a bit,” Hills said.


“I thought Tayla (Shannon) was good in goal attack and certainly young Monique (Tarrant), for an 18 year-old, she’s going to be something special.”


Hills said he was proud of the effort from all within the club, despite the fact that all three teams have been very slim chances of making finals for some weeks.


“We had a couple of good wins as a club tonight,” he said.


“This group here, the only three games they’ve lost in the last six weeks they’ve lost by 3, 3, and 4 so they’ve been extremely competitive, and we’ve still got some good players to come back into the mix going forward…there are some good signs.”


The Storm face Hills’ old club Melbourne University Lightning at the State Netball and Hockey Centre next Wednesday night.






Monash Uni Storm 49

def by

Peninsula Waves 52


Goals: J.Lawson 30 (86%), T.Shannon 19 (87%)

Best: A.Janz, J.Lawson, T.Shannon, H.Barclay, L.O’Sullivan

Last updated: Thursday May 14, 2015 11:35PM