Rd 7 Match Report - Championship : Monash closing in on top four after win

Hawks Netball, Thu Mar 5, 2015 11:51PM

 By Zac Lisle

Monash University Storm coach Matt Hills says that his team will “take the win and move on” after they beat the Geelong Cougars by two goals at the State Netball and Hockey Centre on Wednesday night.


The win has Monash at fourth on the ladder, and within striking distance of the top four, but Hills wasn’t completely happy with the win.


“We didn’t play anywhere near as well as we did last week,” he said. “It was a very scrappy, scratchy game, and essentially both teams contributed to that”


After scoring seven goals from thirteen attempts in the first quarter, Janelle Lawson worked her way into the game, finishing with 28 goals and a shooting percentage of 76. The performance has Lawson at fourth overall in scoring for the league.


The game was close at all intervals, and Hills lamented his team’s inability to put the opposition away when they needed to.


“We had a good opportunity early to get away, but didn’t shoot very well in the first quarter and as the game progressed we kept getting to a four or five goal lead and then letting them back in,” he said.

“I think what was a little disappointing – and the girls were a bit disappointed – that at the end we were 6 or 7 goals up with 6 minutes to go and let them get back to within 3 at the end.”


Hills was impressed by wing defence Alicia Janz and wing attack Lil O’Sullivan, and said the whole team worked well defensively. Janz picked up three votes from the referees after the game and continues her good form this season.


Looking ahead, Hills says that his team is “still certainly in the hunt for finals”


“We’re a very new team, obviously new coach, new line-up, we’re still missing a couple of players through injury. The three teams that have beaten us are one, two and three on the ladder, and we weren’t out of our depth in any of those games,” he said.


“Hopefully we’ll get Joh Curran back soon and that’ll strengthen up the spine of our team.”


Monash will be hoping to win when they take on the eighth placed Peninsula Waves next.

Last updated: Wednesday March 18, 2015 11:18AM