2016 Leadership Team Announced

Hawks Netball, Sat Mar 5, 2016 12:06PM

The 2016 Monash Storm Leadership team has been announced.  A big congratulations to:

Club Captain – Lillian O’Sullivan

Senior Leadership Group

Hannah Symes

Maddie Byrne

Clare Pettyfor

Gabby Henderson

These players will be responsible for match day warm ups, refocusing the girls throughout training sessions if they feel the need, liaising with the coaching group and really driving home a ‘new’ MUS brand.

We also announced a group responsible for all training session warm ups and cool downs (foam rolling, Therabands etc)

Ashley Bradley

Monique Tarrant

Kaela Hughes

Caitlin Schultz

Last updated: Monday May 30, 2016 1:04PM
Author: Machaela Dwyer